Just Jute Products

Manufacturing Process

Just Jute Products believes in “thought-to-finish”. The customer comes in with a thought and leaves with a finished product. To ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness, we do all work in-house. The customer's first stop is our design coordinator. The design coordinator helps articulate the customer's vision. Working with our pattern makers and sampling division, the design coordinator produces a prototype for the customer. Once the customer has approved the prototype, production commences. Production involves various stages like cuttings the fabric into various parts of the product, value additions like printing, embroidery, etc., and then stitching. The finest raw materials shape the end product: we employ only internationally reputable PFAFF machinery. Once the product comes out of the machines completely stitched, it goes rigorous strict quality checks. Only after the product has passed all quality checks, it is packed and delivered as per the customer’s need. Further, our products inhabit a 10,000 sq. feet space and are pushing USD 500000, or INR 25 Million in sales. From a measly 5000 bags in the first year, our installed annual capacity has grown to 20000 bags, 10000 wallets, and 200000 belts. Our production capacity has seen a 300% increase.


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